Oakmont Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation is proud to offer a variety of therapies and skilled nursing services to the Pittsburgh community and surrounding areas. Our staff of dedicated therapists and nurses are made up of a dynamic and innovative interdisciplinary team of licensed nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapy professionals experienced in treating a wide variety of diagnoses.


  • Our Nursing staff is highly qualified and dedicated to helping our residents to continue to recover from their hospital stay.
  • Our Nursing staff works closely with our Doctors to ensure that your medical needs are taken care of during your stay.


  • Our therapists are highly qualified and available 7 days per week.
  • We offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.
  • Our therapists also use the GEM (Geriatric Enhanced Modalities) programs. These include:
    • Electrical Stimulation, which increases circulation. It incorporates the use of comfortable electrical waveforms to treat a wide range of issues.
    • Ultrasound, which uses sound waves to produce deep heating of muscles and tendons to increase extensibility. This reduces pain, increases blood flow and decreases edema.
    • Short Waive Diathermy, which provides deep tissue heating using electromagnetism. This is also beneficial in wound healing, decreasing pain and reducing swelling.
    • Pulmonary Vest, which is designed for respiratory issues. This vest has an Air Pulse Generator that rapidly fills and deflates the garment, gently compressing and releasing the chest wall. This process creates mini-coughs that dislodge mucus from the bronchial wall making them easier to clear.
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